Introducing Blog

We’re fortunate enough to have a community of over 1,700 members with incredible activity in all of our channels. Whilst we’re stoked that our community is thriving, this doesn’t stop us from thinking of new ways we can enhance their experience and keep them coming back for more. It’s with that, we’re introducing Blog.

Our goal with Blog is to help the experienced and inexperienced iOS programmer by means of featured writing, tutorials and general discussion on the world of Swift development. We’re incredibly focused on helping you regardless of age, gender, experience. We care deeply about making programming for Apple’s incredible platforms accessible to as many people as possible and it seems Apple is doing that too. It costs nothing to download Xcode for your Mac and you don’t have to pay for a license to test your apps on your iOS devices. There hasn’t been a better time to become a developer on Apple’s platforms than now.

We’re wrapping up some content and we’ll be pushing that out to you as soon as it’s ready.